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Engage in Feminism

Here are a few way YOU can engage in Feminism. Regardless of how much free time you have or your finical status, we have something that will work for you!

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Volunteer with NCADV

Sign up to virtually volunteer with the National Coalition against domestic violence. You can also find local DV shelters to volunteer at via NCADV:


Get Involved with Planned Parenthood

Wether you donate, sign up to volunteer with, or attend local events sponsored by planned parenthood, this organization is committed to providing women and queer people with quality low cost healthcare:

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Contact Your Representatives!

Contact your local representatives ( and ask them to support a piece of women's right's legislation, found here:


Sign Petitons

Here is a link for some feminist petitions you can sign! Please note, when you donate to (which they will ask you too when you sign) you are donating to, not the cause your supporting. Still, petitions are a great way to raise awareness and support feminist causes, especially in the political sphere!

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More Great Resources

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