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Let's Engage in Anti-Racism!

Here are a few way YOU can engage in Anti-Racism. Regardless of how much free time you have or your finical status, we have something that will work for you!

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Anti-Racist Bingo

Try to complete a row, or get a group together and try to complete the whole board! Credit for this Bingo card goes too The Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City and  consulting group Sophic Solutions.


Phone Banking

Find an anti-racist policy/bill that hasn't been passed yet and host a phone or email bank where you and a group all leave your elected officials messages in support of the bill! This may seem fruitless, but a politician's staff is actually required to report to them on the ten issues they were contacted about most at the end of each week!

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Equal Justice Initiative

You and a group can hold a fundraiser for the Equal Justice Initiative, a vetted, amazing anti-racist organization. You can learn about their work on their website Contact your friends and relatives and ask them to donate.

More Great Resources

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