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Woman in Gold Discussion Questions

1.Let’s discuss the paradox of the painting and the fact that Maria’s aunt never really wanted to pose for it/liked it, but viewed it more as a objectifying duty she had as a woman at the time.

2.This film depicts the story of very wealthy Jewish folks, rather than the every day middle class citizens we typically hear about. It also is telling the story of a woman who escaped Austria, rather than was subjected to the horrors of the Holocaust. Do you think these stories are important to tell and why?

3. Why do you (or don’t you) think this story is worth telling?

4. Do you think the issue of art restitution is worth remedying/using tax payer dollars and likely hundreds of hours in court, to rectify? Why or why not?

5. Let’s discuss the difference between the way we view art that was stolen by the nazis verses the way we view the millions of things that have been stolen by colonialism over the years?

6. What moments in the film resonated with you?

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