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Standing Above the Clouds Discussion Questions

1.Mauna is a holy symbol to the native Hawaiian people. Let’s compare it to other holy symbols or places in other cultures? How does doing this highlight the disparity native people and their cultures face?

2. These people have been occupying the mountain and protesting for 5 years. In 2019, several elders were arrested and as of 2022 (most recent news I could find) those elders are STILL waiting for trial. Let’s talk about how this relates to our prison system and intersectionality.

3. Some native people support the building of the telescopes, saying it will bring jobs, scientific merit, and attract the academic community to the island. As all people do, marginalized groups will often disagree about how to handle certain issues and take different stances. What is our role (if any) as outsiders or ally’s in these discrepancies? 

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