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Operation Finale Discussion Questions

1. In the opening scene, Peter and his associates capture and shoot the wrong man, thinking it's Eichmann. His associate says “Who cares; it’s still a Nazi.” Do you agree or disagree with his associate?

2. Eichmann tells Peter that he was just following orders and that where he could he tried to save Jewish lives by moving them to other countries instead of the camps. If this is true, does it effect the level of guilt you place on Eichmann?

3. In a discussion between Peter and Eichmann, Eichmann asks, “Why am I the one guilty for my countries mistakes?” Do you agree with him on this particular take? Does it have any truth to it?

4. In the film Eichmann is portrayed as a very complex character. He says very obviously disgusting and evil things, but at other times he is startlingly human and Turkey seems to believe himself innocent, or at least, not worthy of death. What theme or message does his characterization send about the entire Holocaust / Nazi Germany and the Fascist regime as a whole?

5. What things did Eichmann say say stuck with you? What scenes from the film stuck with you and why?

6. Later, Eichmanns trial was broadcast world wide and was one of the most viewed media segments in history. During this trial they had a number of holocaust witnesses testify, regardless of wether or not Eichmann was there for those occurrences. At the end of the film Eichmann says “They’ll say my death is justice for everything that happened; that makes my life worth 6 million (Jewish people).” Do you agree or disagree with the manner of the trial? Do you agree with Eichmanns statement here/think there is any truth in what he said? Would you have done anything differently?

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