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Maid (All Episodes) Discussion Questions

1. We find out that it takes most women seven tries before they leave their abuser for good. Let's talk about why this might be.

2. Let's discuss Alex's monologue in episode two: "The armchair in the front yard belongs to me. You can't tell under all the mold but its pink velvet. And when I moved in with Sean it came with me. And when I told him I was pregnant, he sat me down on that chair and he brought me a cup of mint tea, and he told me that he would hold my hand every step of the way. All tenderness. But then...when I told him that I wasn't gonna get an abortion...he took the chair and all the rest of my belongings and he threw them out into the rain. And he screamed at me and he told me that I was a f*cking wh*re. And he said that I was ruining his bike trip, and that I was also ruining his life. And he also said that, he would never forgive me. And he hasn't. And I've been afraid of him every day since."

3. Let's discuss the scene when Alex brings Maddy to the doctors because she's had a sinus infection. The doctor says she isn't getting bette because of the black mold in Alex's apartment (the only transition housing available to her). The doctor says "She need's you to do better." Doesn't offer to help or understand the situation. Let's talk about feminism and the medical industry/capitalism and how they are connected.

4. Let's talk about Alex's interaction with Danielle, and how Danielle went from this awesome outgoing character to being so timid and quiet in her husbands presence. Why might she be pretending not to know Alex?

5. Let's discuss Nate and the phenomena of "the Nice Guy". Nate appears very nice at first, but then once he realizes she might go back to Nick, and won't be having sex with him, he kicks her and her daughter out, knowing she had no where else to go but back to Nick's who was abusive.

6. Let's examine Alex's relationship with her mother thought the series, and the phenomena of generational abuse.

7. Let's talk about Sean and his ability to handle Alex's mom. This is seemingly one of his good qualities. Do you view his handling of the tragedy with Alex's mom as redeeming for his character, as Alex did?

8. Let's talk about Alex's dad. In the last episode he tells Alex he doesn't know why she's so intent on keeping him out of her life, and that he would give her the shirt off his back. Then, when she asks him to testify in court that he say Sean abuse her, and he says no. What was your reaction to this? What can we take from this about women and genderqueer people's relationships with their fathers, and with men in general?

9. At the end of the series, Sean does right by Maddy and lets her go with Alex. How, if at all, did this change your perception of him? What is the show trying to demonstrate to us in this moment?

10. At the very end of the series, Alex recognizes that her mom is stuck in the same cycle of abuse and there is nothing she, Alex, can do about it. What was your reaction to this? Did this remind you of anything (feminism related) in your own personal life?

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