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Just Mercy Discussion Questions

  • Something I don’t think we realize is that on top of the basic legal work that comes with trying to defend people on death row, the people trying to start this organization had to jump through so many other hoops from the office not being leased to them from him having to be strip searched, etc. What other hoops do black people have to jump through that we don’t often think about/realize?

  • Let's discuss the phrase “You’re guilty from the moment you’re born.”

  • Let's discuss Karen’s monologue about knowing that when she signed up for this work she would lose some friends, but she never anticipated people going so far as to threaten her family with bombs, death threats, etc. What does this teach us about white allyship?

  • Ralph Myers is exploited and mentally tortured for his compliance in lying about Johnny D. What was your reaction to this and can you identify other ways in which white people today are “exploited” for their compliance in racism?

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