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Indian Horse Discussion Questions

  1. What was your opinion of Father Gaston (the one priest who treats the children with some kindness) in this film? 

2. What role does Christianity play in the film and where have we seen it play similar roles in present day or throughout history? 

3. In this film, I think Hockey displays the importance of escapism amidst oppression, marginalization and hard times. How have we seen sports or other leisure activities transcend systemic boundaries? How could we use these activities  to our advantage in our own activist work? 

4. Let’s talk about Sauls relationship with Lonnie. When Saul is given the opportunity to play hockey, he spends less and less time with Lonnie sneaking out and disobeying, leading Lonnie to get caught. He eventually leaves Lonnie to peruse hockey. Lonnie feels betrayed, like Saul has sided with the enemy. What times in your life have you felt pulled between two sides or like you were “betraying” your own community? How did you deal with the complexity of that? 

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