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A Fantastic Woman Discussion Questions

1. The officer that asks Marina for her ID right after Orlando's death, immediately begins to misgender her, even after she clearly stated her name. He says she is required to identify herself by the name on her ID until it's been officially changed. Do you see issues with laws like this / the officers behavior? Do you see benefits to laws like this / any harm in getting rid of them?

2. Orlando's son asks her "Have you had the operation?" and says "I need to know what you are." Why is this an inappropriate question to ask a trans person? (This might seem obvious to some people, but there is actually several reasons to unpack here).

3. Notice that not a single member of Orlando's family asks Marina how she feels about everything thats happened. Why do you think this is?

4. Let's discuss the conversation Marina has with Orlando's ex wife. She regularly insults Marina, saying that she thinks it's perversion to be with someone like her. She follows it with sorry. She then tells Marina she cannot come to the funeral because her 7 year old daughter and her family will be there and she doesn't know how to explain "it" to them. She calls Marina by her dead name (the name a trans person was given at birth that they no longer use), Daniel. She says she is trying to protect her family from Marina and would give her life for her daughter if she had to. What were some reactions/thoughts you had to this whole interaction?

5. When Gabo calls to offer Marina ashes in exchange for her not being allowed to attend the funeral, and says he wishes she could attend, why do you think this made her angry?

Trans women experience more violence (sexual and physical) than any other group. Why do we think this is? Any ideas?

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