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Engage in Native American Advocacy!

Here are a few way YOU can engage in Native American Advocacy and promote reclamation of Native American Heritage. Regardless of how much free time you have or your finical status, we have something that will work for you!

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Find Out Whose Land You Occupy and Donate to Them!

This website will let you type in your zip code to identify which Native Tribe's land you currently live on. Giving back to that tribe is a great way to show your support. Consider organizing a small fundraiser among family and friends and ask them to donate: Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings is a great time to do this!


Help Raise Awareness about the Epidemic of Violence against Native Women in the U.S.

There are several organizations dedicated to protecting Native Women, a marginalized group that is one of the most vaulnerable to violence. Check out The Indian Law Resource Center,'s Petition, and National Indigenous Women's Resource Center for petitions to sign, trainings you can complete, research and information archives, and email templates to your representatives. 

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Explore the Official Native American Heritage Month Website!

Every November this site feature the latest trainings, webinars, art, films and cultural content from Native Americans! Sign up for an educational werbinar, peruse and possibly buy from Native American artists, and more!

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