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Engage in Queer Advocacy

Here are a few way YOU can engage in Queer Theory and Queer Advocacy. Regardless of how much free time you have or your finical status, we have something that will work for you!

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Donate to Sri Lanka's LGBTQ+ Art's Festival

Queer identity and expression is still heavily criminalized in Sri Lanka. Click the following link to learn how you can help:


Attend Your Local Pride and Buy from Queer SmaBusiness Owners!

Attending your local pride is an amazing way to not only show your support for the queer community, but to also support them finically!  

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Support the Trevor Project!

Under the Support Tab, find several ways you can support the Trevor Project and their mission to provide support for LGBTQ+ people: The Trevor Project


Sign Petitons

Here is a link for some queer advocacy petitions you can sign! Please note, when you donate to (which they will ask you too when you sign) you are donating to, not the cause your supporting. Still, petitions are a great way to raise awareness and support queer rights, especially in the political sphere:

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